Liberal’s Thirst for Power Is Crushing America’s Freedom … J. D. Longstreet

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Liberal’s Thirst for Power Is Crushing America’s Freedom
The Liberal/Progressive Plantation
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


(Editor’s note: I had planned to publish this commentary next week. But, I am convinced, more than ever, that the freedom of Americans is under INTENSE attack and any delay in fighting back is inexcusable.

When a mayor of a major American city decides that HE knows better than I what I can eat and/or drink, America is only a baby-step away from out and out slavery to the government. Worse, Americans have bought into the nanny state philosophy of “The Left.” And it is disgusting to a lover of freedom and liberty.

if you want to see where America is heading, how much Americans despise liberty today, how willing Americans are to bow their heads and bare their necks to the yoke of the liberal/progressive dictators of of the American Left, all you have to do is set your eye on New York City.

For more read the commentary below:

Jefferson Davis, the one — and only — President of the Confederate States of America, said: “All we want — is to be let alone!” The “Liberal/Progressives” could not find it in them to do that one hundred and fifty-one years ago, and they sure as heck can’t do it today.
Leaving other people alone to live their lives in happiness, well, it simply isn’t in them. They are so blinded by their own brilliance. Drunk on their over estimation of their own intellect, their charity, their L O V E for all mankind, they have been crushing freedom in America and smothering the life out of Lady Liberty.

In 1861 the American people went to war with themselves prompted largely by a book written by a northern lady who had never even been south — in her entire life.

Six hundred thousand Americans gave their lives in a struggle billed politically by the US government as a war to end slavery in the South. They conveniently forgot slavery in the North.

Even Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation only “freed” slaves in the Confederate states. Slaves in the northern US states had to wait until after the War for their freedom. In truth of fact, the Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave — yet the myth persists today — kept alive by the descendents of the original liberal/progressives who were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands Americans in a war that never had to be fought.

The issue of slavery had been settled in every other country wrestling with it at the time — without a war. It is well to note that only the United States saw fit to declare war on it’s own citizens to satisfy a craving to demonstrate its love and affection for a people kept in chains. It resulted in thousands upon thousands of dead Americans piled high before the battlements of liberal/progressive politics and the death stench still rises to heaven today.

It is truly unfortunate that liberal/progressivism was not a casualty of that war — but it wasn’t. It continues to wage war against common sense, liberty, freedom, and man’s innate desire to be “let alone!”

The US government’s use of “slavery” as a facade to cover their own dictatorial desires and to maintain the flow of southern money into the coffers of the US treasury worked so well, buttressed, as it was, by the Mainstream Media of the day, that it is still being used today. In fact, its use has intensified today. For evidence, all one has to do is look at all the government agencies and departments charged with the so-called welfare of the people that are, in fact, a cover for the mailed fist of government to grasp all the power it can and, (and this is almost comical) ENSLAVE a nation!

Obamacare is a prime example of liberal/progressive oppression of the people of America. For those of the liberal/progressive persuasion — it’s the perfect storm. I fear placing one’s hope in the Supreme Court of the United States to offer relief from the socialist slavery of Obamacare’s liberal/progressive assault on individual liberty in America is a prime example of misplaced hope in what may very well reveal itself as a mere pipe dream.

The liberal/progressive reign of terror in America snakes its way even through our local governments from the tiniest hamlet to the greatest city. Anywhere freedom is found, there, too, can be found the archenemy of liberty — liberal/progressivism. Big city liberal/progressive nanny, tin-pot dictator mayors decide what you can eat and drink, as well as when and where you eat it and drink it. Dope use is epidemic in their fiefdoms — yet they attack sugar, salt, and tobacco.

Fools that we are, we Americans allow them to get away with it. Many applaud the loss of their own freedom not realizing, or not caring, that the loss of their neighbor’s freedom is the loss of their own freedom, as well.

The federal, state, and local “food police” tell us we must eat this and that and avoid eating, or drinking, or smoking this and that — all so we can live longer, healthier, lives.

Hey! I have news for you! Not a single one of us is going to get out of this world alive! Not one! What the heck is the point of living longer, healthier, lives if we cannot enjoy ourselves and celebrate our freedom?

Which is better — a healthy slave, or a happy free man? Only a blind fool will choose the former.

And yet, millions of young Americans choose the life of a healthy slave. It just boggles the mind.

Up here in the ramified air, atop the mountain of years that I have lived, maybe I have a clearer view. Maybe.

You probably won’t believe this, but as a child I actually stood up in the back floorboard of my Dad’s old A-Model Ford — as he drove down the highway, or, I stood up on the passenger side in the front seat so I could see out the windshield. Yeah! Amazing, right? Geez! How frightening, right? Why, my old pop could go to jail for child abuse for that today. A safety belt was that thing that held my pants up. A safety seat was sitting on my dad’s lap!

Everybody smoked, most drank, and everybody ate delicious food. We had little, but, by and large, we were a happy, reasonably healthy, lot. Few lived to be 90 or 100 years old, but then, they didn’t need to. They had milked life of all it had to give — and then some. When they died, it was time to die. Those who did live into their 80’s and 90’s would wonder aloud, at times, if maybe God had forgotten them. They had done it all, seen it all, and wanted to go home.

In comparison modern Americans are a miserable lot. We’re a nation of sour pusses, angry at everything and everyone. We try to live our lives with the burden of the yoke of big government weighing us down as though we each had a mill stone lashed to our necks.

If I may be allowed the vernacular of the day — our health sucks! Why, the contents of most people’s personal medicine cabinet would rival the inventory on the shelves of a 1930’s or 1940’s pharmacy!

This is healthy and happy? Are you kidding me???

If you challenge me on this, just be warned that I have probably been on this earth some fifty or sixty years longer than you and I have the benefit of decades of hindsight. I would remind you that hindsight is 20-20 … perfect vision. My experience counts because I made the same mistakes you are making — only I made them decades before you did — and I have, obviously, recovered and I have the scars and the stainless steel to prove it!

Living free is living happy. And that, our liberal/progressive friends cannot abide. They, themselves, are miserable and they are convinced that bending YOU to their will will MAKE them happy. Try convincing them otherwise and you will quickly be condemned as “ignorant.” They are obsessed with their own wisdom, their own brilliance.

The Scriptures warned us of such people: “Thinking themselves wise, they became as fools.” Yes, they were with us even then, thousands of years ago, making anyone they could properly miserable, too.

Did you ever see a pressure cooker explode? My mother’s did. The pressure valve went bad, pressure built up, the lid blew off and embedded itself in the ceiling of the kitchen, splattering butter beans all over Hades and half of Georgia. Fortunately, no one was in the kitchen at the time.

America is a pressure cooker today with the pressure release valve screwed shut. It is only a matter of time — and pounds per square inch — before the lid blows off. Our choice of action is limited because we have no where to go today. We can either open the pressure valve, or be scalded from the explosion.

An explosion IS coming. It is impossible to maintain people under this much pressure indefinitely. And trust me — America will be in much worse shape than my mother’s kitchen.

Elections are the pressure valve of choice … most of the time. One such valve is coming up in a little over five months. Americans chaffing under government’s yoke know what they must do. We have to begin restoring our freedom. We must remove the current American plantation master — and his henchmen — and reclaim that which is rightfully ours … freedom!

J. D. Longstreet


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