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Mullahs, Murder, Mayhem, and Iran
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


One can only hope the American security/intelligence agencies understand that we (America) are dealing with a bunch of theocratic nut cases in Iran and not a group of logical, critically thinking, adult human beings.

It is frightening to think that our diplomats are laboring under the mistaken belief that “talking” with that cuckoo’s nest is actually going to result in anything that might possibly slack their rabid hatred of both America and Israel — because it won’t.

Each time I hear one of our “experts” on Iran mincing words about that nest of vipers, I flinch.  Do they NOT understand that Iran WANTS WAR?  Do they NOT understand that their so-called religion DEMANDS WAR?  Do they NOT understand that those fruitcake leaders in Iran actually BELIEVE it is their fate, yea, their duty, to bring war, death, destruction, murder, rape and pillage upon the earth in preparation for the return of the Mahdi?

Shrug it, off, laugh, chuckle at the idea, if you will, but the plain truth is — THAT is exactly how they view their purpose on this earth.

Iran Missile Test

For the Mad Mullahs of Iran blasting Israel off the face of the map and bringing death and destruction to America is not just something they’d LIKE to do — it is something they MUST do! And, trust me on this, they WILL DO IT, unless the US and/or Israel stops them.

Now let me be absolutely clear on this:  Anything we do to blunt Iran’s current efforts toward the destruction of the US and Israel will be temporary.  That’s right.  I said TEMPORARY.

Still don’t get it?  It is really quite simply and that’s what makes it so chilling, so frightening, so — deluded, even.

Look.  So long as an Islamic theocratic government remains in Iran, or anywhere for that matter, even underground, their goal will remain — will ALWAYS be — the destruction of Israel and the US.  As long as there is one infidel (anyone not of the Islamic faith) left on the face of the earth some form of Jihad (holy war) will continue until the Islamofascists wipe all the infidels out and establish their one-world Islamic theocratic government, called a Califate, on the earth.  Then, I suppose, they will try for the moon, Mars, and the stars.

Nuts, you say.  Absolutely.  I agree.  But, we thought the pre-World War Two Japanese, with their emperor god, were a little strange, even funny — until Pearl Harbor, now didn’t we?

Unfortunately for America, we are cursed with a State Department of limp-wristed apparatchiks who view the world through liberal rose colored glasses and see it the way they would like it to be — rather than as it actually is.  The unintended consequence here is — a lot of people get dead that needn’t have been killed.

The on-going talks with Iran are, reasonable people can agree, nothing more than a delaying tactic, a stalling strategy, by Iran to gain time to complete their nuclear bomb making. And it is working.  The Iranian centrifuges continue to spin while the diplomats continue to talk and talk and talk.

I’m convinced the Mullahs are rather enjoying the talk and attention of the westerners.  It makes them feel important.  Much the same reason they feel it necessary to build nuclear weapons.  That have, I believe,  a gigantic inferiority complex and all the attention from the west strokes their HUGE egos into believing they are something more than a backwards 13th century tribal state.

Once they have mounted those nuclear warheads on the missiles they already have, they can strike far outside the Middle East and deep into Europe.

I remain convinced Iran’s first target will be Israel, simply because they know the minute they light up the first nuclear missile, the US will blast them back into the Stone Age.  So they have to make that first shot count.  It may be their last.  Their deep-seated hatred for Israel will not allow them to chance losing an opportunity to visit death and destruction upon the Israelis.

Seems to me, the silence from the US government concerning Iran’s adventures in our own backyard is extremely telling.  It demonstrates the weakness of the current Presidential administration.  Allowing Iran to get away with it only emboldens them to continue to tweak the tail of the tiger and, at least in their own minds, look brave and strong in the eyes of their fellow Islamofascists.

If you are hearing about this for the first time, blame it on the Mainstream Media in the US which is solidly “in the tank” for Obama.

Here’s what concerns me:  Iran’s support of Hamas and Hezbollah in South America.  That places the influence of the Mad Mullahs of Iran clearly inside the US sphere of influence.

The presence of Hamas and Hezbollah in the “tri-border area” of South America (Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay) and in Venezuela have surely not gone unnoticed by US intelligence agencies.

At some point, the US will find it necessary to clean up around it’s own doorstep.  Any strike on Iran by US military forces will necessarily include simultaneous strikes against Iran’s assets in South and Central America.   We cannot allow a nation, with whom we are at war, to maintain forces within our camp or behind our front lines.

The Israelis continue to press the Obama Administration to strike.  They know the clock is ticking and time is not on our side.   While the US and it’s allies continue the military build-up on the sea and in “friendly” countries around Iran the Iranians continue to ready their assets, already within the borders of the US, for terrorist activities they hope will will cause Americans to pressure the US government to halt it’s “war” on Iran.  In the meantime,  Iran will simply disregard all the diplomatic blather and continue their menacing ways.

The Iranian rhetoric continues to ratchet up as does the military build-up arrayed around Iran.

Clearly, there is going to be another war in the Middle East.  But, both the Americans and the Europeans must, I repeat — MUST — understand that a war with Iran will not be confined to Iran and the immediate area around Iran.  THIS war will include strikes by Iran in European nations and — inside the United States.

“Wars and rumors of war” has now become a way of life for America.  We can’t go around it, over it, or under it.  It cannot be avoided.

I would suggest that if Iran DOES get off a nuclear shot at Israel or America, then America and Israel should strike back and with a punitive war — “punishing war.”  Forget surgical strikes, forget collateral damage, and visit a “total” war on Iran from which her civilian population will be no more immune that than the people of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

J. D. Longstreet