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Who Pulls Obama’s Strings?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

There is something very telling about an incumbent president asking an “impeached” president to go to bat for him. It’s sort of like someone in court for, oh, jay walking, having a car thief testify as to the character of the accused in court. It’s wildly weird!

Those of us who correctly sized up Obama as a dyed-in-the-wool, set -in-concrete, NARCISSIST — even before his election, and THEN having our suspicions ratified by Obama himself, well, we’re scratching our heads and asking amongst ourselves — WHO, exactly, IS running Obama?

Here’s the thing (as they say): Left to his own devices a man of Obama’s character would NEVER, I mean — NEVER — have someone else come to his rescue in public, especially in public! NEVER!

Yet, with a clatter of hooves, a cloud of dust, and a hearty “Hi-Yo-Democratic Party,” comes the white-haired man of shame, er, I mean, man of fame, he of the “I did not have sex with that woman,” of the spotted dress, of sex in the Oval Office, of licentiousness personified — none other than William Jefferson (Blythe III) Clinton, AKA “ole Bill”– comes riding to Obama’s rescue in full view of the cameras of national and international television.

What’s wrong with this picture? Just about everything. Unfortunately — it will probably work!

Our man of international mystery — Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro — now President of the United States, must be absolutely furious.

So why is Barry, I mean, Barack, going along with this humiliating slap in the face?

I’m convinced Obama has no say in the matter. He has to do it. It is being forced upon him.

What? How the heck do you force the most powerful man on the planet to suffer this sort of humiliating indignity before the eyes of the world?

The answer is easy.

Barry’s not calling the plays. That Soetoro, guy, you know, the one we know as Obama, ain’t in charge. He’s a front man, a puppet, a marionette. Someone, or some thing, is pulling his strings — and — to keep his rather cushy job he must sit down, shut up, and let the grownups take care of his reelection.

Gotta tell ya, folks, a tale of a guy who comes out of nowhere, leaving a trail of diversions for anyone seeking to nail down his previous life, and winds up as President of the United States, well, if you published it as a book it would, of necessity, be published as a novel, a fictional tale of intrigue, of international skulduggery, an immense flimflam — a con job.

But — HEY! It WORKED! And you can’t argue with success — or — can you?

Actually, you CAN argue that the emperor has no clothes, but as we have seen, hardly anyone pays attention, or admits to paying attention, because if they did, then they’d have to admit that they had been suckered — played for fools — and lost. NOBODY wants to admit THAT. So, their own egos get in the way of exposing the truth and everybody plays along with the game while watching everybody else from the corner of their eyes.

This thing with Clinton and Obama is worrisome on a number of levels. Unless there has been some sort of epiphany, Clinton is not an admirer of Obama. It was clear during the 2008 campaign that Obama was not overly fond of the Clintons, either.

Yeah. It makes you feel like you need a shower, doesn’t it?

Some feel it is “panic” move by the democrats because they know from their own internal polling that Obama is in trouble against Romney this November. I don’t buy that — I mean the “panic” part. The democrats are far to cool and conniving to be in any fear — at least at this point. That may come later, but not yet.

No, I think the “big guns,” the people pulling the strings, are making a move to prop up their puppet, Obama, because it became clear that leaving him to his own devices in THIS campaign would be disastrous. Obama is so full of himself that he apparently felt safe in allowing his Marxist ideology to shine through — prematurely. (Remember the “You didn’t build that” slip-up?) That could not be allowed. So out from stage left comes the “go-to” guy, Bill Clinton.

And the teleprompters have been rushed back into service to make darn sure that Obama makes no more of his Marxist declarations like — you guessed it — “You didn’t build that!”

The really “creative” nonsensical declarations will be assigned to the Vice-President — as if he needed orders to do what he does the moment his lips begin to move.

With his Central Casting used car salesman appearance and presentation, Biden is seen as a joke by everyone except the Democratic Party’s “true believers,” anyway. But somebody has to shovel the manure and Joe does wonderfully at that job, for which, he seems uniquely equipped.

As the campaign moves along it is becoming painfully clear that Obama is NOT his own man but is answering to the pressure on his strings from the person, or persons, behind the curtain.

But WHO, exactly, are they?

J. D. Longstreet