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Presidential Campaigns of 1828 and 2012 — Both DIRTY!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Last Spring, I wrote that the Presidential Campaign of 2012 would prove to be one of the dirtiest campaigns in the history of the US.

Less than three months to Election Day and the Obama Campaign — including the Democrat Party — has already sunk to the bottom of the political sewer and are drilling for new depths of depravity.

The outhouse stench of their scatological maneuvers to smear the republican candidate will, no doubt, go down in the annals of history as even worse than those of the father of their depraved party, Andrew Jackson, in the election of 1828. In fact, the 1828 election campaign seems more a Sunday School picnic when compared to the democrat’s scurrilous assault on their worthy opponent from the GOP. We urge you to visit this site and bone-up on the 1828 election campaign and then compare what has been known since as the dirtiest Presidential Campaign in American history — until the Obama Campaign of 2012. You will find it here:

To be honest, I am at something of a disadvantage in my endeavor to write these words without the use of profanity. But let there be no doubt — what the Obama Campaign (with the enthusiastic participation of the Democratic Party) is doing to the Romney Campaign , IS profane! Just as this scribe warned weeks ago, they are doing it with pure, unadulterated, glee.

The democrats are leaving a nauseatingly odiferous trail of rotting carrion in their wake that will stain the history of the USA forever.

Newsmax reported the following in an article entitled: Obama Widens Lead Over Romney as Smear Tactics Take Hold: “In recent weeks Obama campaign surrogates have led a no-holds-barred assault on Romney.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has repeatedly claimed that a source told him that Romney paid no taxes for a decade. An ad by a pro-Obama super PAC also seeks to link a Bain investment in a steel plant that eventually closed to the cancer death a woman married to one of the workers who lost his job.”


The airwaves are encrusted with their rhetorical slime disguised as political ads. Their sick, twisted, manipulations of an all too eager mainstream media to spread their hate-filled lies and punitive propaganda reeks of a pathological purgatory risen from the deepest recesses of hell itself. It seems there is more than a little evidence of a deep-seated mental disorder guiding the warped, wicked, and vulgar democratic party celebration of lies, distortions, slander, and misrepresentation that is their 2012 presidential campaign.

The Obama campaign’s coarse abuse of this political season demonstrates a total absence of shame, the emotion that defines our humanity and separates the sane from the psychopaths.

Look. Obama’s barbaric assailment of Romney is indecent and obscene, and the ribald manner in which his minions have elevated dishonor to a fine art is disgusting and repugnant to decent Americans.

Registered democrats across the US ought to be hanging their heads in total embarrassment and demanding that Obama remove himself from consideration as their candidate for President even before their convention in Charlotte.

As a North Carolinian myself, I am mortified to the core that my state will be hosting their coven of hellish delight in Charlotte, NC, so close to my hometown. No doubt, the city of Charlotte will stand in extreme need of fumigation upon their departure. Believe me, if this solitary Tar Heel had the power, I would withdraw their welcome and demand they relocate their convention somewhere, anywhere, outside the state of North Carolina. Alas, I have not that power.

By the end of this Presidential campaign, America will be even more divided than ever in it’s history — and that includes the period from 1861 thru 1865. Even in that divided period, Americans on both sides of the conflagration maintained their honor. Obama’s campaign has shed its honor as a snake sheds it skin and slithered away to sink its venomous fangs deeper into America bloodstream fatally poisoning what is left of public discourse.

No one seems the least bit concerned that history is replete with the evidence of what happens to the people of a country when they can no longer engage in civil discourse. They resort to violence. And that is exactly where America is headed — as surely as a Martin flies to its gourd.

Obama swore to fundamentally change America. He has accomplished that, without doubt. Americans are already at each other’s throats and it can only deteriorate from here.

If Obama is victorious in his bid for reelection, America will reap the whirlwind of chaos and anarchy as Americans turn on their brother and sister citizens until our vaunted society morphs into a cesspool of hate and violent vengeance.

It is only a short step to martial law in America and a virtual dictatorship by the man who has proven to all the world that he will do anything to gather as much power over his fellow Americans as he possible can and then insure that he, and he alone, wields total power over the lives of all Americans suddenly yoked with slavery to Obama’s every whim.

It is clear that behind that dazzling smile there is something dark and foreboding and deeply disturbing setting off the alarm bells in our minds triggered by the primal fear of all sane human beings that danger is near.

A sane country, an honorable country, would banish such a person to the most distant outer edge of its society and certainly not consider him for the highest leadership post in the country.

I am deeply concerned that America has so lost its way that it cannot sense the danger right before its eyes and will sign its own death warrant on November 6th, 2012.

J. D. Longstreet