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Ryan Great Choice For Romney
Now — Get ‘er Done!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate was a tad unexpected by this scribe.

I had concluded that Romney would dismiss a Romney/Ryan duo to by-pass the democrat’s firestorm that is sure to rain down on the GOP campaign for President with Ryan on the ticket.

I was wrong.

Though some will, undoubtedly, say this was a dumb move on the part of Romney, I disagree. In fact, I believe it to be a courageous move and one that will focus the attention of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party on the economic disaster that is America today. That will, in the end, be a good thing for the GOP.

There can be absolutely NO DOUBT that the Obama first term has driven America deeper into the abyss of economic malaise and depression — not to mention the ever-growing pile of debt that will require the on-going attention of our grandchildren, and even our great-grandchildren, to bring to heel and (hopefully) manage.

Yes, Congressman Ryan IS young. He is 42 years of age and, if my math is correct, he has been in Congress since he was 28 years of age having been elected some seven times to represent his congressional district in Wisconsin. (That particular district is overwhelmingly democratic!) Apparently, the people of Wisconsin had/have faith in his abilities, even at a young age, to represent them in the nation’s legislature. No mean task, that.

Some of us old-timers will recall that President John F. Kennedy was only 43 years of age when he was elected to the office of President. Ryan will turn 43 just days after he is sworn-in as the new Vice-President — if the Romney/Ryan team wins, of course.

Ryan has been seen as something of a “wonk” — a policy wonk, at that. From all reports he is just that, but a whole lot more. The caricature of an elderly man with a green eye-shade pulled down over his furrowed brow, with sleeve garters clasping his shirt cuffs above the ink splotches on is bean-counter’s desk does not apply to Paul Ryan. He is young and athletic and extremely active.

Congressman Ryan strikes me as the person in every business office who seems to be a walking encyclopedia of information on the topic at hand and, in turn, he seems to simply soak-up information in the manner of a thirsty sponge and, most importantly, he retains that input until it becomes useful.

My primary problem with Congressman Ryan (at first) was my concern that he might not be able to connect with the average voter. That fear was completely erased on Saturday as I watched his speech when Mitt Romney announced Ryan had been chosen as his running mate. In minutes, Ryan had the crowd eating from his hand. He has a masterful ability to work an audience from the speaker’s lectern and he amply demonstrated that “gift” Saturday.

As a public speaker since I was nine years of age, I know the feeling of a speaker when his audience is hanging on his every word. And I know the “high” generated by the ability to take his listeners anywhere he wants them to go — in their imaginations. I also know the dejection a speaker feels, the “low” he feels, when he does not sense a connection with those to whom he is speaking. Believe me, it can get very lonely on the podium — no matter how many people are sharing it with you — when you don’t have a connection with your audience. As I learned Saturday, Congressman Ryan will not experience that “low” feeling if he can maintain the level of interconnectedness he displayed Saturday.

By the time you read this article, the Mainstream Media, will have begun their de-construction of Congressman Ryan. Like the Democratic Party lapdogs, that they are, and the Obama Pep Club, that they are, they will go after Congressman Ryan with everything they have or can get hold of. If it is possible for this campaign to get any nastier, any dirtier, than it already is — it will. The friends and family of Ryan will not recognize him when the Mainstream Media REALLY latches on and applies their unique talent for destroying a human being.

The ad which aired months ago featuring a Ryan look-alike pushing a “grandma in a wheel chair” off a cliff will seem like child’s play. Ryan has truly entered the infamous “hurt-locker.”

The lies, slander, skullduggery, and scurrility already employed — and deployed — by a desperate and deeply frightened political left in America has forever marked this Presidential Campaign as the dirtiest ever in the history of the country. But, just watch and listen. The preceding political nastiness of the democrats will seem as pure as a clean room at NASA before the next few weeks conclude.

This election is a clear choice between socialism and capitalism for America. You would think that as Americans sit on their unemployed behinds, barely peering over the wreckage of what used to be a vibrant ever-growing economy with horizons that were truly undiscovered, the choice would be clear and undebatable. Capitalism delivers — socialism destroys.

Yes, you WOULD think that. Any intelligent human being would think that. But America has changed. Her population is no longer the objective independent thinkers of the past. Now she is starkly divided. Emotional reactionaries on the left have created an entitlement society within the heart of America carving out great chunks of both the young, the elderly, and the minorities. It is this entitlement society that is powering the drive deeper into a form of socialism that will doom America to become a has-been nation where “might have been” will be the national motto.

Obama’s first term has almost emasculated America. Another Obama term will utterly destroy this country.

The Romney/Ryan ticket offers America a chance to reclaim her dignity and her rightful place as the leader of the free world. It offers a chance to re-start the great capitalist engine that drives this republic.

Make no mistake: The election on November 6th is America’s last chance.

J. D. Longstreet