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Learning To Live With A Nuclear Iran
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


If the window of opportunity has not already closed for a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, it is ALMOST closed and closing rapidly.

If that turns out to be the case, then isn’t it time Israel drags it’s nuclear arsenal, out into to full view of the Iranians and the remainder of the “terror community?”

One of the fundamentals of a nuclear armed military is the ability to survive a first strike by your enemy and offer, in reprisal, a second strike — from your own arsenal — that will deal a killing blow to your attacker. Israel has such a capability. Maybe it is time to show it.

Not much is said about Israel’s seaborne nuclear arsenal. But it is there … cruising out there above and/or below the surface of the oceans.

Before the US dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan there was a discussion amongst US leaders and a suggestion that maybe we ought to demonstrate the power of the bomb to the Japanese BEFORE we dropped it on them.

The thought was that the fear generated by such an awesome spectacle would cause Japan to rush to the surrender table — and actually dropping the bomb on them would be unnecessary. It was eventually decided that nothing short of atomic destruction would cause Japan to sue for peace. Even then it took TWO atomic bombs, dropped just days apart, to get a surrender from Japan.

I mention this because there is some suggestion that Israel should demonstrate to Iran that it has the capability of nuking them, even now, and also has a second strike capability that would instantly set Iranian society back to the stone age in a flash (no pun intended.)

All this is predicated upon the possibility that Israel might be dealing with sane people within the Iranian government. After all, this is a government where sanity always seems to be in scant measure.

Now — all this talk about an Israeli second strike capability is worrisome because it bespeaks what I fear is reality. A preemptive strike is no longer possible and the world is going to have a terrorist nation armed to the teeth with nukes.

Frankly, Israel should have stuck Iran YEARS ago. Nothing less than an early preemptive strike would have deterred Iran. No amount of diplomatic entreaties, discussions, UN inspections, pleading, begging — NOTHING was going to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. Sometimes you simply have to kill your enemy, in great numbers, to get his attention. Been there-done that. ( Nuclear bombing of Japan by the US in WWII)

Maybe an effective demonstration of Israel’s nuclear arsenal would include the nuking of the facilities in Iran where the so-called “Islam Bomb” is being made. For darn sure, Iran would be denied the use of whatever was left of those labs for centuries into the future. And it might serve to introduce the Iranian government and their proxy terrorist gangs exactly what “nuking” means.

The other troublesome aspect of a nuclear Iran is the certainty of their passing along nuclear capability to their terrorist proxies.

Let me be clear here: All the nations of the world cowering in the shadows — frightened of a nuclear Iran — NOW you REALLY have something to worry about. Even though you might be geographically outside the nuclear missile range of Iranian ballistic missiles, you are well within range of Iran’s terrorists who will not think twice about setting off nuclear devices in your cities. You, too, had the opportunity to stop Iran and you chose to stand back and HOPE the US and Israel would do your job for you. You have no one to blame but yourselves when the inevitable happens and you have thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of your countrymen dead or dying from a terrorist nuclear attack on your territory.

Of COURSE, the same applies to America. WE COULD HAVE STOPPED IRAN!

Look. America makes mistakes. We are not infallible. And yes, we made a humongous mistake in electing as President a man who many American suspect is a closet Muslim, himself. He bears a Muslim name. His father was Muslim and he was partly reared in a Muslim country and educated in Muslim schools. There has been ample evidence during his nearly four years as our President that Obama has chosen the Muslim nations of the Middle East over America’s only friend in that region — Israel.

Many Americans, myself included, feel that Obama’s goal from the early days of his presidency was to run interference for Iran until Iran could successfully build a nuclear bomb. All one has to do is look objectively at Obama’s policies — as per Iran and Israel — and the pattern becomes crystal clear.

To the question: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago,” the Republican Party ought to add: “Are you safer today than you were four years ago?”

As soon as Iran has an operable bomb, they’re certainly going to “demonstrate” it to the world. They have told us they have two prime targets: Israel and America. When the Islam Bomb explodes in America — remember which administration is responsible for bringing it to the shores of America. Not that there is anything we can do about it. Not now.

J. D. Longstreet