About: J. D. Longstreet

J. D. Longstreet Bio:

J. D. Longstreet is a conservative “Carolina Boy.” A Southern American (A native sandlapper (South Carolinian) and an adopted Tar Heel — A North Carolinian) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First.”

J. D. Longstreet is a very proud direct descendent of several Confederate soldiers.

He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcasting business, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.

Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.

Longstreet’s Commentaries are posted at “INSIGHT on Freedom” at: http://www.insightonfreedom.blog.com/ and at “The Sentinel Factor” at: http://www.thelongstreet.commentaries.blog.com/ and “Omega Dispatch at: http://www.omegadispatch.wordpress.com/ and at: “Liberty2Express” at: http://liberty2express.wordpress.com/ and “Freedom Dossier” at: http://www.freedomdssier.blogdrive.com/ as well as many conservative sites across the World Wide Web.

  1. John Hopmann says:

    Antecedents of liberal socialism that has infected our Republic are found in the destructive tenets of theological liberalism/apostasy that have ravaged the institutional underpinnings of the West for the last two centuries and earlier. I am curious what you mean by the “old Lutheranism” to which “Longstreet subscribes.” As a confessional Lutheran, I am an opponent of the theological liberals who have commandeered the majority of Lutheran organizations in the U.S. and have adulterated the very teachings of God’s Word, subverting the confession of the Christian faith that has existed since the earliest days of Christendom and acceded to by the confessors of the Lutheran Reformation. If by “old Lutheranism” you mean those who still cling to the historical Lutheran confessions of faith that reject the heresies promoted by theological liberalism and uphold the Old and New Testament scriptures as the inspired Word of God, the sole norm and authority of teaching, then I would say that we may have some things in common.
    Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura!

    fyi, All of the blogs you cite as containing “Longstreet’s Commentaries” are dead or have been deleted.

  2. Virgil C. Gray says:

    Dear J.D. Longstreet,

    On a daily basis, I have followed your posts for quite some tome. I, also, know that the “powers that be” are probably not too fond of you. Since you haven’t posted in the past week, I can’t help but be concerned. I do hope your health is good.

    Like you, I have often felt that those who are intent upon destroying America won’t take too kindly to my stand against them. I try not to be paranoid in my thinking, but, at times, I do think I am being monitored in my phone conversations and computer communications around the world.

    Just wanted you to know that there is an ‘ole Southern boy out here who thinks quite a bit of you.

    Virgil C. Gray

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