1. quintrillion says:

    I read your article at Canada Free Press and then found my way here. I agree with Conservative principles and grieve for America. Thank you for your service to our once Great Country! I have written an e-mail to Matt Kibbe at Freedom Works since they have many followers and advised him that Constitutional Conservatives need to take over the Constitution Party. Republicans are back stabbers and most of them RINOs. We need a strong conservative to take charge of this country. Even though it will probably be too late it would be better to start planning on a new party now. I blog on the Blaze and follow Glen Beck and many conservative website. I’m glad to have found yours too.
    Best Regards,
    God Bless
    Arlie, MN

  2. Hugh Petersen says:

    “As we stare down the barrel of sequestration and HUGE cutbacks in military funding and defense funding, it is precisely the moment we need to spend the money to build and deploy our national missile defense system and we need to do so stat!”

    What is stat? Do you mean asap?

  3. OD-GI says:

    Mister Longstreet, 1st thank you for your military service.

    Meat for the grist! Wikidpedia is never to be used!

    Satisfy yourself and if you wish your readers with official Military description of said weapons platform. Assault weapons do not exist! All weapon platforms are as Ms135 Mod. 1 or mod 2.To write an “after action report” one would descibe the action taken , results , logistics and equipment used-maybe? The word “assault” maybe used.

  4. Sir,
    I respectfully suggest you go to our

    (founded in 2007 by Charles Jones III,
    Brig. General, USAF (ret.)
    The NVC website has over ONE MILLION,
    8000 HITS. We are ” Veterans For America
    FIRST”. Thank you for your service.

    Larry Breazeale, Msgt., USAF, Security Forces (ret.),
    Deputy Sheriff LASD (ret.),
    Vietnam/Desert Storm veteran,
    Nat. Chrm. NVC/CP
    Anaheim Hills, California

  5. John M. Anderson says:

    Mister Longstreet, you are not wasting your time, you are not alone, God Bless You

  6. Ken says:

    Found you at CFP and am glad I found your site , have added it to my daily info news list.
    Thanks and god bless

  7. Emiler says:

    I’ve read everything you written. It appears to me that you are a freedom despising egoist with no love for righteousness or justice, you fear government but display only a complete blindness to the fact that regulation of atrocities must be enforced by a state, they are there to regulate your vile animalistic behaviour. Your inverted thought will only bring about the suffering of innumerable more people and for this i despise you.
    God Bless.

  8. Jeff Harper says:

    Ephesians 2.8….explains the whole origin of faith…without Jehovah giving faith, main does not get it. Once Christians realize that the Holy Spirit maintains their faith from day to day, the less likely they will strive (works) to do it on their own.

  9. RobiMac says:

    Mr. Longstreet, I know it seems that Obama is inept however, that is what we are supposed to believe. We are not supposed to know that Obama answers to someone else. He is not doing anything on his own. Everything he does, he is told to do. Someone else has already done the research and discovered that Obama’s puppet master is George Soros.

    You can find tons of articles all about them at

    Recommended reading that will blow your mind.

  10. RobiMac says:

    Mr. Longstreet, are you okay? Haven’t seen anything from you or anyone else since May. Are you still writing? Praying for ya

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